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Erectile Dysfunction at 40: Facts, Causes, Treatment

As a result of research, US scientists found that men suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) have 70% higher chance of dying earlier than men who are not familiar with this problem. Erectile dysfunction is considered a problem characteristic of men over 40 years of age, although it is common among men of a younger age.

The study, conducted by outpatient clinic in Milan, results of which were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, suggests that one in four who underwent treatment of erectile dysfunction was at the age of 40 years. 26% of patients who complained of ED were younger than 39 years. The study also noted that age can determine how dysfunction affects patient’s life. More than half of men under the age of 40 complained that they feel this condition as severe. Elderly people suffer less from erectile dysfunction, but have increased risk of developing Peyronie’s disease, which occurs when scar tissue causes penis to curve.erectile dysfunction causes early death

Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Even in our time, impotence is a problem, which almost every representative of the stronger half of humanity is afraid to face, both young men and people of mature age group have almost equal attitude to this problem. For them, inability to have normal (and the concept of normal in each person is individual) sexual relations with sexual partner becomes a real tragedy.

If to consider medical terminology more thoroughly and carefully, it turns out that meaning that patients usually see in the term «impotence» and what andrologists and urologists call impotence, are somewhat different. Physicians under impotence understand man’s total inability to perform sexual intercourse under any conditions, which in practice is rare, and in all other cases they talk about problem of erectile dysfunction. The term «erectile dysfunction» denotes inability of male body to provide or maintain normal erection in varying degrees of severity of the problem. In case of erectile dysfunction (impotence), a man still has opportunity to perform sexual intercourse, but with very great difficulties.erectile dysfunction causes treatment

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