The Existing Drugs That Are Used To Treat Coronavirus

The Existing Drugs That Are Used To Treat Coronovirus

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently affecting 176 countries and territories around the world. At least 7,873 people globally have died from it. Today we publishe the main facts about the coronavirus and how you can protect yourself from it.

COVID-19 is currenly treated with drugs that have been created long ago. For example, China recognized the antiviral drug Umifenovir as an effective medicine. The drug is manufactured by Pharmstandard (Russia).

Also, Chinise health care experts found an old medicine that works effectively against coronavirus. This is Aralen (chloroquine), which is used for malaria.

China National Center for Biotechnology Development initiated clinical trials that have revealed that chloroquine (Aralen) could help treat the new coronavirus disease, Covid-19, Clinical Trials Arena reported.

In addition, doctors prescribe therapy based on the use of broad-spectrum antibacterial agents to patients with coronavirus. With the development of SARS, patients receve antibiotics with an antiviral agent and glucocorticosteroids.

Despite the fact that both recognized drugs – Umifenovir and Chloroquine (Aralen) – can be bought without a prescription, doctors categorically forbid self-medication and urge people to go to the clinic if they think they have symptoms of COVID-19.

However, there’s no guarantee that they will make an accurate diagnosis there: the number of tests for coronavirus in many countries is limited, so they will be used selectively.

Therefore, they will be treated as if they had a flu.

Today, the most severe consequence of coronavirus is the overflow of the disease into pulmonary pneumonia. Its viral variant is the most dangerous: it affects all the lungs (unlike the bacterial one, where the lesion is focal).

It is viral pneumonia that currently causes the lion’s share of deaths.

As for masks, doctors say they are needed by those who are sick. Healthy people do not have to wear them. The fact is that a mask is not an obstacle for a virus that is already in the air: it is much smaller than the holes in the fabric or paper from which the mask is made.

Another thing is that the mask retains drops of liquid which may contain viruses.

The main measures against COVID-19 should be provided by the state: isolation of sick people, quarantines in schools, cancellation of mass events, closure of communication with “sick” countries, and, of course, prevention of panic and the operation of the main life support systems during the epidemic: grocery stores, pharmacies, ambulances, and so on.