5 Ways to Improve Men’s Health

Today we offer you an article on how to prevent “male” diseases and preserve men’s health.

It is no secret that often caring for men’s health falls on fragile women’s shoulders, because according to statistics, women are interested in their health 10 times more than men. What explains such a frivolous attitude of men to their own health? Fear to show their weakness? Or they do not notice or ignore the problem, fearing treatment or serious health consequences.

One should remember that the life expectancy of men is 10 years shorter than that of women. This is due to lifestyle, stress, bad habits, especially smoking. However, many diseases of the cardiovascular system, erectile dysfunction (or impotence), inflammation and prostate cancer can be successfully prevented and treated thanks to early diagnosis.

Here are 5 easy ways to preserve men’s health that My Canadian Pharmacy offers.

5 Ways to Improve Men's Health

1. Healthy lifestyle

Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and careful attention to your health are extremely important. Do not forget that genetics determines only 20% of the risk of disease, while lifestyle affects 80% of health. Men also often ignore many symptoms that subsequently flow into serious diseases that require serious treatment and even surgical intervention.

2. Refusal of bad habits

Smoking is expensive today, not fashionable and very risky. Many quite serious diseases are associated with smoking, such as bladder cancer, which is practically not found in non-smoking men, and lung diseases.

3. Preventive examination

Examination by a general practitioner is an easy way to monitor your health. The doctor will conduct a general examination, measure blood pressure to exclude the risks of cardiovascular disease and write out referrals for biochemical examinations.

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Below you can see the list of recommended annual preventive examinations, on the basis of which it is possible to draw specific conclusions about the state of health:

  • c reactive protein (an indicator of the presence of inflammatory processes);
  • biochemical analysis of blood and urine;
  • blood sugar test;
  • cholesterol level;
  • analysis of liver function;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • ECG (electrocardiogram).

4. Regular urology consultation

To keep men’s health, it is very important to visit a urologist for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of many common diseases: inflammation and prostate cancer, problems of potency and infertility.

Recently, doctors from around the world have found that from 90 to 100% of cases of erectile dysfunction (impotence) are precursors of cardiovascular disease. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to all pathological and anxiety conditions in order to prevent serious and even fatal diseases.

It is important to know that a serious illness such as prostate cancer is often asymptomatic. And the so-called PSA analysis (Prostatic Specific Antigen) is an effective method of early diagnosis, which should be carried out once every 2 years.

After 40 years, it is recommended to make a full urological examination once every 2 years with a mandatory digital rectal examination.

5. Regular sex life

The best prevention of prostate inflammation is regular sex life (at least 1 time per week). Abstinence is always bad for men’s health, as it can lead to inflammatory processes, and seminal fluid is a breeding ground for microorganisms.

In conclusion, we can say that prevention is better than treatment. Be healthy!