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Silagra is used for erectile dysfunction. It restores reduced erectile function, increasing blood flow to the penis. The mechanism of action is based on the release of nitric oxide in the cavernous bodies at the moment of sexual excitement. Free nitric oxide activates the guanylate cyclase enzyme, stimulating an increase in cGMP. In turn, it causes relaxation of the smooth muscle fibers of the corpora cavernosa and an increase in blood flow.


Silagra is a drug in the composition of which sildenafil is used as the main component. This is a powerful selective inhibitor that affects the release of nitric oxide in the penile cavernous bodies and blood flow to the pelvic organs.

After taking Silagra, bioavailability is observed within 30 minutes and reaches 60%. It is possible to normalize the level of male hormones and significantly reduce premature ejaculation.

The substance sildenafil has a positive effect on the body tone and the duration of sexual intercourse. Silagra has virtually no restrictions, except for the presence of acute cardiovascular diseases and unwanted sexual activity.

Use and features

Silagra is produced in the form of tablets of 100 mg which are released in the form of diamonds. The duration of Silagra action is from 5 to 10 hours. In order to achieve the desired effect, you must follow the corresponding rules:

  • approximately 20-30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse, a tablet should be taken with a small amount of water;
  • it is best to use the drug on an empty stomach (fatty foods interfere with the rapid absorption of components, especially sildenafil);
  • exclude the use of alcoholic beverages in excessive dosage;
  • do not drink more than 100 mg of the drug in one day. It can result in side effects.

The drug begins to act only in the presence of psychological excitement or physical stimulation. The effect allows you to quickly recover after intercourse. Studies have shown that in some men, an erection occurred within 10 minutes and lasted up to 5 hours.

Mechanism of action

Sildenafil provides relaxation of the cavernous bodies’ walls and fills them with blood. Sildenafil citrate purposefully affects the inhibition of PDE-5, resulting in a strong and long-lasting erection.

The effectiveness will be positive if a man experiences a natural sex drive and excitement. The drug allows therapeutic treatment for both older men and young people. The only limitation is young men under 18 years old.

Silagra can be used daily as a course, or for a single occasion. The drug allows you to increase the number of sexual intercourse several times together with the sensitivity of erogenous zones. The correct dosage of the drug is absolutely guaranteed to help eliminate erectile dysfunction and normalize sex life.

Side effects

  • Neurological disorders: headache, flushing, migraine, ataxia, tremor, weakening reflexes, neuralgia, paresthesia, hypesthesia, depression, fainting, insomnia/drowsiness, dizziness.
  • Ophthalmic disorders: visual impairment (hypersensitivity to light, a change in color perception, blurred vision), conjunctivitis, mydriasis, cataracts, hemorrhages in the eyeball, pain in the eyeballs, xerophthalmia.
  • Otolaryngological disorders: deafness, tinnitus.
  • Respiratory disorders: nasal congestion, pharyngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, dyspnea, increased cough, increased sputum, bronchial asthma.
  • Cardiovascular disorders: arterial hypotension, tachycardia, orthostatic hypotension, palpitations, angina pectoris, myocardial ischemia, cardiomyopathy, ECG changes, heart failure, AV block, cerebral vascular thrombosis, cardiac arrest.
  • Hematologic disorders: anemia, leukopenia.
  • Gastrointestinal disorders: glossitis, stomatitis, gingivitis, dry mouth, nausea, dysphagia, esophagitis, gastritis, colitis, gastroenteritis, rectal bleeding.
  • Metabolic disorders: thirst, hyperuricemia, hypernatremia, gout, labile diabetes, hyper-/hypoglycemia.
  • Genitourinary disorders: urinary tract infections, nocturia, cystitis, frequent urination, urinary incontinence, anorgasmia, impaired ejaculation, gynecomastia, genital edema.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders: ossalgia, arthritis, myalgia, arthrosis, tendon rupture, myasthenia gravis, synovitis, tenosynovitis.
  • Dermatological disorders: contact dermatitis, rash, urticaria, pruritus, herpes simplex, skin ulceration, exfoliative dermatitis, photosensitivity.
  • Other: peripheral edema, pain syndromes, sweating, chills, shock, allergic reactions.


Silagra is not used with/in the case of:

  • allergies to sildenafil;
  • intolerance to additional components;
  • the simultaneous use of nitric oxide donor preparations (e.g. amyl nitrite) or nitrate-containing drugs;
  • conditions when sexual activity is not recommended (severe heart failure, unstable angina);
  • loss of vision due to non-arterial anterior ischemic optic neuropathy;
  • severe liver dysfunction;
  • arterial hypotension;
  • a recent stroke, myocardial infarction;
  • hereditary degenerative changes in the retina (for example, retinitis pigmentosa);
  • children under 18 years old.


With the increased use of the drug, overdose symptoms were observed. The optimal dose should not exceed 100 mg in 24 hours since an increase in the amount of sildenafil leads to a painful erection as well as the load on the cardiac system. All this can lead to excessive accumulation of the drug in the blood and a number of negative consequences.

Reception with alcohol and fatty foods

Taking a drug containing sildenafil, including Silagra, together with alcohol, is incompatible. The fact is that any alcohol-containing drink has ethyl alcohol in its composition, which, when it enters the bloodstream, disrupts blood circulation.

Sildenafil entering the blood increases the effect of blood supply to the genitals, but under the influence of ethyl alcohol, a slowdown occurs. Alcohol leads to a decrease in potency when sildenafil increases it, so these two components are not compatible.

The use of foods with a high fatty composition significantly slows down the effects of Silagra. In addition, fatty foods cause a number of complications of atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, obesity, heart attack. These factors directly affect potency. Excessive consumption of alcohol and fatty foods reduces sexual desire and leads to erectile dysfunction.


The maximum strong effect of Silagra occurs within 2-3 hours. Well, you have to wait for a very long moment before sex, especially when everything is ready for intimacy.
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