Volunteers Views


One month after we began our investigation we asked volunteers to answer some questions such as:

Why did they decide to participate in the Vaccine Study? and How do they feel about the study?

answer some questions26 year old Laboratory Assistant,

For me, the capability to assist in such an amazing projection could simply not be neglected. The injection of the vaccine was free from pain…maybe this was due to the aspect that I’d been waiting some huge 10 inch needle or something!! But seriously speaking, the more I have understood about the labour that the crew is performing the more privileged I feel to have been given the chance to volunteer. The majority of volunteers were selected by My Canadian Pharmacy’s representatives.

56 year old retired farmer;

The HIV international concern is great and magnifying. It is a little gesture as a person to be capable to assist with the trying to oppose the trend. An supplemented bonus has been the profit of an in depth health examination. The injection was so benign that I had to be persuaded that it was not a placebo.

22 year old student;

“It is an honour to be a little teller in such a significant wheel. The potential influenec of this investigation should not be underrated. Professor McMichael runs a crew of world-class specialists, doctors, nurses, counsellors and medics in the most high flying and exciting background I have ever faced. But the crew is more than merely superlative specialists, they are also the most kind-hearted, spirited and taking care for a group of people one could ever is hopeful to meet. I very much wait for making some amazing new friends through my subordination in this projection, and maybe even, in what small way I can, a distinction to the millions in Middle and East Africa who can at present moment only pray that those they take care for do not become infected with the virus which is now endemic in the location. A.I.D.S. is killing their loved ones and bringing their homeland to its knees. There are a bunch of inspirational people in Oxford directed their time and energy to suggesting Africa’s children some hope. They merit your admiration. They certainly get mine.”