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A Guide to Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability of a man to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient to insert the penis into the vagina and have satisfactory sexual intercourse. Common sexual dysfunctions such as decreased sex drive, premature ejaculation, and infertility are not considered erectile dysfunction. This disorder significantly affects the life of most men suffering from it.

Viagra against Erectile Dysfunction

The worst nightmare of every man is to discover that at the height of the most passionate moment he does not have an erection. But they are lucky, because we live in the XXI century, and medical research began to bear results. Today, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, at your disposal there are different methods of treatment – from the complex treatment of impotence to effective short-acting drugs. Viagra is the most famous of…

5 Ways to Improve Men’s Health

Today we offer you an article on how to prevent “male” diseases and preserve men’s health. It is no secret that often caring for men’s health falls on fragile women’s shoulders, because according to statistics, women are interested in their health 10 times more than men. What explains such a frivolous attitude of men to their own health? Fear to show their weakness? Or they do not notice or ignore the problem, fearing treatment or…

How Women Can Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

If a man has erectile dysfunction, a woman should understand that now it is not only his problem. This is a strong blow to the male self-esteem, and the partner can do much to help his lover. Poor erection – Do not panic! Weak erection can be provoked by various  erectile dysfunction risk factors . This is what the woman should understand first of all. Of course, if the problem in bed is not a one-time event, a man…

Erectile Dysfunction: Choosing Optimal Method of Treatment

Erectile dysfunction is curable. In most cases, your urologist can offer several treatments, of which you and your partner should decide which method suits you. Methods of Treatment Sex Therapy A significant number of men have a psychological cause of erectile dysfunction, which is treatable. Even with the elimination of physiological causes, subsequent problems associated with self-esteem can continue to weakening of normal erectile function. Skilled physicians (for example, sex therapists, psychotherapists) work with couples…

The Immune System in the Human Body

Cells are the main building blocks. Each organ in our body consists of cells: those that define this organ (for example, nerve cells in the brain, muscle cells in the heart), and those that support the organ, such as blood vessels and cells of the immune system. The immune system protects us from infection, controls the growth of abnormal cells and helps repair the damage that occurs in the body, restore the normal functioning of the body.

Our immune system consists of physical barriers and several types of immune cells and organs. Physical barriers (for example, the oily layer on the skin surface, the mucous membrane of the nose, lungs, intestines, and gastric juice) are the main part of the immune system that prevents bacteria from entering the body.The Immune System of the Human Body

Bone Marrow – The Main Source of Cells Production

The cells that are involved in the immune system are mainly produced by the bone marrow. Bone marrow is a soft spongy tissue that is located inside major bones. It acts as a factory in which stem cells produce a constant supply of blood cells; red blood cells carry oxygen, platelets repair leaking blood vessels and white blood cells. White blood cells (or immune cells) fight infection, detect and eliminate abnormal cells in the body. There are many different types of white blood cells in the immune system that have evolved to perform various tasks. For example, some white blood immune cells are intended for fighting bacterial infections (such as neutrophils), while other immune cells are better for fighting parasites like worms (e.g. eosinophils).

The Lymphatic System

Immune cells circulate not only throughout the body through the blood flow, but also through the network of vessels called the lymphatic system.

The lymphatic system is a collection of tubes of much smaller diameter, but it runs along the same transport routes as the blood vessels. Lymphatic vessels are connected to the immune system through a series of lymph glands (or nodes) and lymph organs.

If we consider white blood immune cells as soldiers, then these lymph nodes and organs act as barracks. Lymphatic organs include the spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, but immune cells also collect in special places in various organs (for example, in Peyer’s plaques in the intestines). Together, these locations make up the lymphatic system.

Immune cells constantly circulate in the blood, lingering briefly in these lymphatic organs, where they can exchange information about infections and abnormal cells in order to prepare to fight the infection the next time they meet it. This is the place where the cells of the immune system learn about vaccinations (such as diphtheria and tetanus) and the reason why you experience a feeling of “swollen glands” in your neck when you suffer from a cold. This sphere has been thoroughly studied by specialists from all over the world. For example, the American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education has published an article written by William Allan Prescott, Jr., PharmD,a,b Christian Bernhardi, BSa. They explain the details of immunization in the USA, its necessity and importance. You may read this article here –

How to Control the Immune System?

The main cells of the immune system do a simple job: circulate in the body, detect pests and kill them.

Complex cells of the immune system, such as lymphocytes, go through a complex checkpoint process, for obvious reasons: they can turn on the alarm, which sets the full-blown immune response in motion. After the lymphocytes recognize another cell, their response to this identification is verified by a dozen further “handshakes”, checked and double-checked at control points. These milestones have evolved in order to provide an appropriate immune response that never occurs for no reason.

These checkpoints are pairs of proteins that line up against each other when the surface of the lymphocyte comes in contact with the surface of the cell. At the end of this contact, a decision is made: the lymphocyte either triggers an alarm to send an immune response and tries to kill the cell, or makes sure that the other cell is not dangerous and gives a “green light”.

Some of the checkpoint proteins are very important in the treatment of cancer (CTLA4, PD1, and PD-L1), while the rest are currently under intensive research to find a way to target them in lymphocytes and help cancer patients.

Erectile Dysfunction: Diagnostics and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics Erectile dysfunction diagnostics is based on: anamnesis; examination; instrumental and laboratory examination. Information collection facilitates the use of adapted questionnaires. The use of such forms makes it possible not only to smooth out a feeling of embarrassment in conversation with a shy patient but also to save doctor’s time. Laboratory diagnosis includes: determination of male hormonal status, according to testimony, analyzes that exclude or confirm the presence of somatic diseases (blood glucose,…

U.S. Pharmaceutical Professional Organizations

A professional association is an organization that brings together people with special professional qualifications who work in the same or similar fields. The purpose of its creation is to promote the professional development of participants through an organization, provide information support, ensure the right to engage in a certain type of activity, help in finding employment, create favorable conditions for work, fight for a decent salary level, protect the rights of specialists, represent their interests,…

Causes and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a type of male sexual dysfunction in which the male undergoes difficulty in getting or maintaining an erection. Although it is not a natural part of aging this dysfunction becomes more common as one gets to age. However, it is seen as a common practice that a lot of patients hesitate to talk to their doctors or physicians regarding such matters. Such an attitude doe not lead you anywhere instead of anxiety and a lot of stress. The very foremost thing to do about erectile dysfunction is to pay a visit to a doctor who can help you overcome this health problem. A doctor will prescribe you remedies which may be ordered via our website – My Canadian Pharmacy more favorably in comparison with other pharmacies.

Undergoing an erection problem from time to time can cause you a lot of concern and it can lead to issues such as stress, lower your self-confidence and can also lead to taking your relationship along with your partner to a downfall. Basically an erection occurs mainly due to the increased blood flow into the penis, the penis keeps the blood from flowing out and as a result, the penis becomes larger in size. Unusually it happens in a way that when a brain senses the urge of sexuality, an erection starts by sending signals to the penis. Most commonly the touching of the penis, sexual imagery, and thoughts may cause the erection. An erection requires the blood vessels to be healthy and free of getting clogged. Erectile dysfunction has also observed among patients with a minimal level of testosterone and as a result, patients undergo problems such as depression and even osteoporosis as well.

Male sexual dysfunction


Many at times erectile dysfunctions are caused by many factors. We might be not aware of most of the elements but some of these elements are very normal for us in daily life. The most common are depression, alcohol addiction and a very upset daily routine. Diabetes can also be a huge cause for this disease because nerves and blood vessels when getting damaged result in erectile dysfunction. Patients with brain disorders can also be suffering from erectile dysfunction. Various internal injuries which we might just ignore on a daily basis can affect your bladder spinal cord or the penis which can also be the reason for erectile dysfunction and can have an effect on the erection.


The treatment of such a problem can be made at any age keeping in view the primary causes of the problem. Viagra is one of the common treatments for ED but unfortunately, patients do not find it helpful for their treatment. The low level of satisfaction among the patients is commonly found among those who are suffering from low testosterone levels. Penis implants also offer as a solid solution for erectile dysfunction and along with that, surgery can also serve to improve the erection. According to research, Viagra is beneficial but it cannot give the required results if it is brought in use alone.  It is not advisable to use. The overall satisfaction level of patients using the Viagra is not very low as compared to those who use it along with the testosterone gel.

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Health

A feeling of chronic fatigue, depression and bad mood can make even the most healthy person sick. My Canadian Pharmacy offers you the simplest and most enjoyable ways to improve your health and well-being. Very often, in order to improve your health, it is not necessary to visit a doctor but you can simply review your habits and bring more positive emotions to life. How to improve your health? 1. Eating colored food An abundant amount…