Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Health

A feeling of chronic fatigue, depression and bad mood can make even the most healthy person sick. My Canadian Pharmacy offers you the simplest and most enjoyable ways to improve your health and well-being.

Very often, in order to improve your health, it is not necessary to visit a doctor but you can simply review your habits and bring more positive emotions to life.

How to improve your health?

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Health

1. Eating colored food

An abundant amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet is a sure way to health and well-being. These products not only compensate for the body’s needs for vitamins and minerals but will also cheer you up with their bright colors.

For example, red food due to its iron content stimulates blood circulation, improves working capacity and metabolism. Nutritionists recommend eating red food to people who want to lose a few pounds. But blue foods have a beneficial effect on the nervous system.

2. Milk

This product is a powerful supplier of calcium and vitamin D, which our body needs so much. 100 grams of milk contains 113 milligrams of calcium – 10% of the daily intake of calcium for the body of an adult woman. Moreover, milk is a dietary product that satisfies hunger and supplies the body with proteins. Oatmeal with milk is a great start to a positive day.

3. Do not overeat!

Our well-being is affected not only by what we eat but also by how we do it. You can significantly improve digestion and metabolism by eating small portions of food at one time, as well as chewing it slowly and thoroughly. It is also worth paying attention to the duration of the meal. Try to take 15-20 minutes for lunch or breakfast. This will help to make a real ritual out of an ordinary meal that brings not only taste but also aesthetic pleasure. Positive emotions during meals help the absorption of nutrients and a feeling of fullness.

4. Fasting days

Intermittent fasting is a great opportunity for the body to relax and self-clean. To do this, you can use different formats that are most comfortable for a particular person. It can be either kefir or oatmeal with vegetables or fruits. There are many ways to do intermittent fasting. The main thing is to follow these rules everywhere and take into account the characteristics of the body, after consulting with a dietitian.

5. Drinking is also important

In addition to food, drinks deserve special attention. Refusal of sweet carbonated drinks, in which there is nothing useful, except for preservatives, sugar and flavorings, as well as minimizing the consumption of alcohol and strong coffee will help to establish a water-salt balance and improve metabolism. Replace your usual drinks with more useful analogs that have a beneficial effect on our health and general well-being.

6. Hiking

Speaking about how you can improve your health, you can not fail to mention our body’s need for oxygen and physical activities. Regular walks in the fresh air (even overcoming one bus stop) will help to forget about the spleen and other unpleasant sensations and thoughts. In addition, walking is a good method of burning calories. So, a half-hour walk after work in a calm step will help get rid of 150 calories.

7. Kisses

Passionate kisses and hugs are one of the most powerful activators of the production of endorphins (hormones of joy), which not only increase mood but also strengthen immunity. Scientists estimate that people who love to kiss live 12 years longer.

8. Full sleep

Do not neglect the rest and full sleep. So, according to the results of a study by American scientists, 24% of women who sleep 2 hours less than 7-8 hours are overweight. Lack of sleep also causes gynecological diseases since sex glands regulate their work in connection with the sleep and wakefulness regimen.

9. No worries

Speaking about how to become healthier, one cannot but miss the factor of emotional calm, which directly affects general health. A good solution would be Dale Carnegie’s useful book «How to Stop Worrying and Start Living». It is an excellent practical guide to dealing with anxiety.

10. Join the National Business Group on Health

The Business Group will help you optimize your performance through your health improvement and health care management initiatives. The membership in this organization will provide you with up-to-date health and benefits trends and innovations. You will also gain access to health-related data, resources, webinars, and summits.

Our habits determine how healthy and happy we feel. Even small adjustments in nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and rest will help get rid of discomfort and feel a surge of energy and strength.