What You Need to Know about Advair Diskus?

Advair Diskus

Inhalation is an effective technique for the therapy of acute and chronic asthma. To make inhalation at home, you can buy a special device. But first, you’d better read this article about most popular inhalers, in particular, Advair Diskus.

It is not very simple to choose the best asthma inhaler, since it is necessary to take into account a number of basic and secondary criteria, including a type of the device, its purpose, equipment, consumption of medicines and, of course, price.

Well, if you buy asthma inhaler for a small child or a child suffering from a serious illness, then the task of choosing medical equipment becomes even more complicated. We hope that our article will simplify the purchase of an inhaler.

What types of anti-asthmatic drugs are used in inhalers?

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs (steroid drugs, for example, prednisone), bronchodilators (beta-2-agonists), or both of these types together (used in combinatorial inhalers);
  2. Inhalers with anti-inflammatory drugs. Helps prevent asthma attacks and reduce puffiness and mucus in the respiratory tract. These drugs contribute help achieve an increased control over asthma.

Inhalers with anti-inflammatory drugs include:


  • Stabilizers of the membranes of mast cells with bronchodilators. There are fast or long-acting corticosteroids. They are used to relieve asthmatic symptoms: shortness of breath and cough. Such inhalers expand the airways and, accordingly, alleviate asthmatic symptoms.

Bronchodilators include:

  • High-speed beta-agonists containing albuterol;
  • Combinatorial inhalers for asthma treatment, containing long-acting beta-agonists and corticosteroids like Canadian Advair. A combination of these two drugs can also be used with a nebulizer to treat asthma.

What is Canadian Advair?

Advair is not used for immediate relief of symptoms, but for ensuring long-term control over asthma. They should be taken together with inhaled steroids for long-term asthma control. Used twice a day.

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Advair is the primary means of controlling asthma. Their application leads to:

  • Improved asthma control;
  • Fewer asthmatic symptoms and exacerbations;
  • Reduced need for hospitalization due to asthmatic attacks of suffocation.

Bear in mind that these drugs help prevent asthmatic symptoms but do not facilitate them when they appear. Advair dosage for different people may vary.

For the best results, Advair Dickus should be used daily. The improvement may be noticeable within one to three weeks after the start of taking this asthma medication, the best results are observed after three months of its daily use.

What are Advair side effects?

There are not many side effects. If you take large doses of the drug, you may observe thrush (fungal infection in the oral cavity). Use of an inhaler with a spacer and dispenser will help to avoid such side effects. Thrush is easily treated with an antifungal lotion to rinse the mouth.

All asthma medicines from My Canadian Pharmacy are safe for children and adults. Side effects from their administration are minimal. Your doctor will prescribe the minimum dosage that will be most effective for treating your asthma.

Many parents, however, are afraid to give the child “steroids”. Inhaled steroid drugs are not the same as anabolic steroids, which some athletes take to build muscle. These drugs are the cornerstone of therapy for asthma. There are many advantages of taking Advair to cope with asthma.

What are the benefits of Advair?

The advantages of using this medicine outweigh its risks and include:

  • Reduced incidence of asthma attacks;
  • Decreased use of beta-agonistic bronchodilators (rescue inhalers);
  • Improved lung function;
  • Reduced number of ambulance calls and hospitalization for life-threatening asthmatic conditions.
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Experts advise buying Advair online after consulting a doctor. The fact is that inhalation procedures have contraindications. In addition, some medicines lose their healing qualities after contact with nebulizers. Well, finally, the doctor will recommend a certain device that will fully meet the needs of the patient.