Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatments: My Canadian Pharmacy Overview

Erectile-Dysfunction-Causes-and-TreatmentsErectile dysfunction is a disruption of blood circulation in the vessels of the penis, which makes it impossible to perform sexual intercourse. Often this term is replaced by the term “impotence,” but “impotence” has a broader meaning and includes a reduced libido, the inability of fertilization. The term “erectile dysfunction” is used when a man has no erection.

Causes of weak erection

30 years ago people only knew erectile dysfunction psychological causes, but in recent years it has been established that 40-70% of erectile dysfunction cases have an organic nature, or, simply speaking, is associated with physical inferiority.

Erectile dysfunction causes

  • Hormonal disorders. Diseases of the thyroid gland and a decreased production of the “male” hormone testosterone can cause problems with erection. In such cases, it is necessary to consult several specialists, first of all – sexologist and endocrinologist;
  • Medications. Perhaps, your man has erectile problems only because he takes pills with a specific side effect (read annotations to drugs). As a rule, the main enemies of a good erection are antidepressants, tranquilizers, drugs for reducing pressure and anti-allergy drugs. Often, in order to restore male strength, a man just needs to stop taking medications;
  • Vascular disorders. This is perhaps the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. The fact is that during normal erection, the penis sharply increases the flow of arterial blood, and the outflow of the venous is almost completely blocked. If the vessels are disturbed, the erection is poor. It is clear that the problem can not be solved without the help of a doctor;
  • Unhealthy lifestyle. The so-called businessman’s syndrome (stress, smoking, hypodynamia, malnutrition) reduces the sexual force of workaholics. Moreover, many modern men transfer sexual energy into business activity – what kind of love is there? In such cases, the first condition for improving erection is to change the way of life. It’s worth noting that apart from the office chair, monitor and business lunch there is still a family, friends, sports and women!
  • Poor health. Alas, not only women can have a headache – fatigue and the poor state of health can reduce the sexual desire of a man.
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Psychological erectile dysfunction

Psychological causes are something complicated because it’s not easy to deal with the inner world of a loved one. My Canadian Pharmacy points out the most popular problems:

  1. Non-compliance of temperaments. From birth, we are given the color of the eyes, physique, and a certain sexual temperament. Sexual desire depends on its type: weak, moderate or strong. The situation is optimal when the temperament of a man and a woman coincide. Unfortunately, this happens rarely – as a rule, one of the couples needs a more saturated sexual life. If this “someone” is a lady, there are disagreements in the intimate sphere and reproaches: “You do not satisfy me!”. As a result, the man starts avoiding proximity. But loving people are able to adapt to each other even with the complete discrepancy of temperaments. Look for a compromise!
  2. Stress and depression. Dissatisfaction with your status and problems at work can easily develop an inferiority complex. The oppressive feeling “I am a loser” extends to all spheres of life, including the sexual one. Therefore, it is quite possible that the next “no” is a consequence of an unsuccessful business deal. You will have to do sessions of home psychotherapy and inspire your loved one, that he is the strongest, clever, best and wonderful. And no criticism!
  3. Failure syndrome. Men, especially young ones, are very cynical and impressive: any unsuccessful sexual experience, the critique of the partner affects their minds. Gradually, a neurosis emerges from the expectation of failure – a man is afraid that he will fail in sex. To displace the negative experience from memory, man needs enough understanding and affection from the beloved woman. But sometimes the problem can not be solved on your own – in this case, the psychotherapist will help;
  4. Mistakes of upbringing. Once upon a time, parents instilled on their sons that sex is dirty and bad, and masturbation is a mortal sin, because of which the boys are doomed to impotence. Grown-up with such conviction, adult men tend to encounter problems in the sexual sphere. Here you can not do without a therapist.
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Age and erectile dysfunction

As a rule, the organic causes of sexual disorders are typical for men over 45 years of age: from this age, men experience hormonal reorganization of the body, suffer from “diseases of civilization” – diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, ischemic heart disease.

But “crazy thoughts”, as a rule, affect the erection of uncertain, pernicious and fearful sexual failures of young men under 25 years of age. At the time of “blossoming”, erectile dysfunction can be caused both by psychological reasons and physical factors. Read more about erectile dysfunction in young men.

Everyone faces fiasco in bed, and sometimes it is enough to get good sleep or stop drinking pills in order to forget about them once and for all. But if sex failures become permanent, this is an occasion for concern.

We are not got used to discuss sexual problems with specialists. But if you do not respond in time, you can get into a vicious circle: a man does not get satisfaction and reduces sexual activity, testosterone level and libido decreases. The result is erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, today there are many modern methods of erectile dysfunction diagnosis and treatment: psychotherapy, medications, physiotherapy techniques, and in some cases – surgery.

But the main thing is to remember that erectile dysfunction is a problem of the couple, and it is necessary to solve it together, and not to send a man to the doctor with the words: “Cure your disease, and then we will see”. Attention, tactics and support of women are the keys to solving any sexual disorder.

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Erectile dysfunction drugs

In the 90s, the first drug for erectile dysfunction treatment appeared on the pharmaceutical market, which simply “blew up” the medical community and broke all conceivable and unthinkable records for the first year of sales. You have already guessed that this is about Viagra for men. The active ingredient of this drug, Sildenafil citrate, was initially studied as a medicine for the treatment of hypertension. However, they failed to achieve positive results in this area, but the doctors noticed the side effect in the form of persistent long-term erection. As a result, the drug almost completely changed its profile. Viagra has been successfully sold around the world and cured millions of men.

The mechanism of action is simple, the drug enhances the flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis, as a result, under the influence of sexual arousal, there is a normal erection.

Today, you can find dozens of erectile dysfunction medications that have the same effect: Levitra, Cialis, Avana, Kamagra, etc. They are sold without a prescription, however, men should be careful, since all these ED pills have side effects and contraindications. Therefore, visit a doctor before using these tablets.

Buying erectile dysfunction drugs online in My Canadian Pharmacy is the simplest and most accessible way of eliminating erectile disorders in the intimate sphere. Other non-surgical methods of erectile dysfunction treatment can be called very specific, but they also “work”.