Vasculogenic Erectile Dysfunction

The question of such ailment, like erectile dysfunction, arises only when a male organism is not able to maintain or control erection during sexual intercourse. Problems with erection are observed in almost 30 percent of men on the whole planet aged 35 years and more. Most doctors believe that erectile dysfunction is a consequence of certain diseases, as well as psychological problems.

Vasculogenic erectile dysfunction is directly related to the deterioration of blood flow in the lower abdomen and genital area of a man. If arteries that serve to fill the penis with blood are narrowed, then this dysfunction is called arteriogenic. Venoocclusive dysfunction develops if veins located in the penis are unable to reduce and retain blood in cavernous bodies of the penis. In most cases, vascular causes of the development of erectile dysfunction are observed as a result of the development of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as due to smoking or obesity.
erectile dysfunction

My Canadian Pharmacy divided the causes of the disease into two main groups, namely, psychological and physiological (as a consequence of diseases). The main organic factors of the disease:

  1. chronic prostatitis in men (can occur at any age);
  2. as a side effect after drug treatment (after any disease that may not be associated with erection);
  3. disorders in the endocrine system of the body (pituitary tumor);
  4. previous injuries on the spinal cord or pelvic area;
  5. previously transmitted diseases of sexual organs or disorders and malfunctions in their normal functioning;
  6. disorders in the central nervous system (epileptic shock, Parkinson’s disease, as well as multiple sclerosis);
  7. diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  8. in addition, obesity, atherosclerosis, and formation of scar tissue in the penis are often attributed to the factors contributing to the onset of the disease;
  9. quite often smoking, alcohol abuse, and also the use of narcotic substances. They, in turn, lead to the appearance of erectile dysfunction.
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Causes of psychogenic disease:

  1. stressful situations;
  2. fatigue of the body from physical, as well as mental loads;
  3. frequent conflict situations, both in the workplace and at home;
  4. depressive state.

In addition to the main causes of psychogenic nature, erection may also not occur in rare cases due to an uncomfortable situation in which a man is located, this may be due to unclosed door, open window, presence of strangers in the next room, and also, due to observance of silence in order not to wake sleeping children.

The psychogenic situation in every man is individual and can arise in the most unexpected situations. For example, if one man with the same partner has sexual intercourse and erection always as successful as possible, then erection with another woman may not come at all, and this is not connected either with personal or external dislike. There is also a situation with overexcitation before sexual intercourse. Erection is at its peak, and as the time comes, it weakens, but then can recover again.

In some cases, erectile dysfunction in men can occur due to the use of condoms, this situation can be corrected by use of other methods of contraception (hormonal).

Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

At first glance, symptoms of erectile dysfunction are obvious, this is an absence of erection and inability to perform sexual intercourse, but not everything is so simple, and besides this, there may also be accompanying symptoms.

Young people under the age of 35 years in most cases suffer from erectile dysfunction of psychogenic nature, so in addition to lack of erection, men can observe symptoms such as irritability, anxiety and nervousness. However, involuntary erections, as well as those that occur at night can be completely preserved. Organic erectile dysfunction in comparison with psychological is prone to constant development and progression in manifestations of new symptoms. Such as:

  • penis during intercourse is not so hard;
  • erection during sexual intercourse or immediately before it becomes weaker;
  • a man needs more time each time to achieve a normal erection;
  • in some cases, if you want to perform sexual intercourse, an erection may be completely absent;
  • with the absence of erection, sexual attraction is significantly reduced;
  • during intercourse, a man may experience orgasm violations (it becomes uncontrolled).
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If there are some characteristic symptoms, a man can understand that he is sick, but only a specialist is able to make the reliable diagnosis and prescribe appropriate treatment, which should be addressed immediately if there are certain symptoms uncharacteristic of health.

A specialist doctor should conduct an oral survey, as well as visual examination. Oral interrogation can prompt and determine the cause of the disease, be it physiological or even psychological. After a survey and visual examination, doctor, if necessary, should assign appropriate tests. The first and most common tests are general urine test and a general blood test. In addition, a man may be asked to undertake sperm test.

General and more extensive picture of what is happening can be provided by ultrasound. After the comprehensive examination and results of tests, the doctor can confidently make a reliable diagnosis and appoint appropriate therapy.

Therapy, depending on the degree of the disease, can be carried out by medications, surgically or psychologically.

Medicational Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment with the use of medicines includes a group of drugs aimed at stimulating blood flow in the penis. The most popular among the vast selection of such drugs is Viagra, as well as Cialis and Levitra. My Canadian Pharmacy studies show that in more than 70% of cases, Viagra cures erectile dysfunction in men.

However, it is worthwhile to know that drugs are not recommended for use on your own, without the appointment of the doctor, otherwise, you can seriously damage your health.

Psychological Help at Erectile Dysfunction

If a doctor came to the conclusion that the cause of erectile dysfunction was discord with a partner in the bedroom, then to get rid of it you may need only a few sessions with a psychotherapist. Such specialist, dealing with such problems, can easily find an individual approach to each patient and give efficient advice not only to the man but also to his partner.

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If problems have arisen with a partner or spouse, then after consulting psychologist, she will be able to rid her partner of such ailment. A woman can use her body to heal a man, for this, she can do an erotic dance for her partner. Often after such a dance, many men completely forget about problems with erection and sexual intercourse in general.

Surgical Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

This method is only used if all the above ones do not bring a positive result, in this case, a man is offered to perform surgery for phalloprosthetics. Such surgery is not difficult and dangerous for the patient’s life both during the course of surgery and after its completion.